wife & mothers

Wife and mother’s will be a dating site for those who want to do it together!

Sometimes culture tells us be have to succeed, we need status, we need to plan kids, lot of little relationships. When I was young I always wondered were are all the normal girls at? And I’m sure the girls wondered the same things about the guys. What happened to simplicity? This is a dating site to be young, married and have kids and not give a shit what culture says we are supposed to do! This is a place to let your guards down a little and get back to basics. This is a site for working kids, college kids, Who want to start out poor together and succeed together and not feel bad about it!

Where did we ever get the idea that we should wait to get married or we need to succeed to get married or live life like a checklist?

Do relationships like that really last anyways? We do we need to stress before having what makes us really happy? Why not have that first and from that go after success? When we spend years building our self strong that really even us?

This is a place for people to start a family and not worry about status, checklists, what tv says we should be or culture. a place we you can start with nothing but your character, hopes and dreams and not feel bad about it! Why should be tough our self so much or be so strong to be with someone?

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